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Good wash package: $14.95
Better wash package: $18.95
Best wash package: $23.95

Refer a friend or family member to our monthly program and receive a free month for every paid referral. Referral program is administrated through our WASHIFY APP. Please down load this APP from your APP store , select Zipline Express and complete all necessary information and by doing so, you will receive a free car wash. This referral program is for existing members only, you must be a member to refer somebody to our program and receive credit for it. Once you are a paid member then you can enjoy this program, so enroll today and stop paying us to much to wash your car. The monthly program or virtual wash program is the best way to save money.

Towels are not given to monthly members, bring your own towel. $5 one time enrollment fee. Commercial account can not participate, UBERS, LYFTS TAXIS.

If you are a professional driver we can design a program for you, just give a call: 877-394-9481.

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