5 Minutes or Less, at a Great Price!

Why Zipline

Friendly Service

At Zipline Express we are all about innovative service and unique products to protect your car. Your children will love coming to our wash and experiencing our tunnels fun environment.

We are all about Speed

You are in and out under five minutes with minutes to spare. Your car will sparkle and shine after each wash you enjoy.

Green and Recycle water

We recycle over 85% of our water to conserve our limited resources that California has. We use non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals making our earth a better place to live.


Washing regularly will keep your car looking great and preserving its paint too!

Great Value

A ZipLine Express Car Wash starts at only $8 - and our best wash is only $14. Free Vacuums for all of our washes!

We're about quality

We utilize the latest equipment together with the best chemistry to deliver a great wash that's safe for your vehicle AND the environment.

FREE Self Service VACUUM
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$2 Towel Recycling Program!
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